Gathering in Sao Paulo hosted by Cypress

Cypress hosted the America’s M&A Worldwide Event 2022 – M&A WORLDWIDE’s event which received representatives from several countries: Canada (Robbinex Inc.), USA (FOCUS Investment Banking),  Argentina (Finanzas & Gestión), Ecuador (Proventus Advisors), China (ARC Group), France (LINKERS Fusions et Acquisitions), Germany (ACTIVE M&A Experts GmbH) and Netherlands (Aeternus BV).

We’ve collected some testimonials from some of our M&A Worldwide Partners regarding the gathering:

Roberto Anker – Proventus Advisors – Ecuador

The meeting provided valuable experiences, with the discussion of key business opportunities. We would like to thank everyone for their attendance and we are looking forward to collaborating with our partners in future M&A deals. The meeting in Sao Paulo helped us in many ways.  First, it allowed us to spend some time to get a better feeling about the operations of Cypress – Brazil.  They are at the forefront of what many of us should be doing.  They are running a well-organized, commercial savvy operation with a strong focus on taking advantage of opportunities in the “new economy”.   Great insights and ideas.  It also allowed us to get to know each other better and get a feeling of what others are doing in the region and reignite specific ideas to work together on.  We invited some potential new partners that we would be very happy to incorporate into the network.  It was a great recruiting opportunity and hopefully, this will speed up a stronger regional franchise.   I look forward to the next regional event and suggest all regions do the same.

Mario Caramutti – Finanzas & Gestión – Argentina

The Americas Get Together in Brazil was a great opportunity to meet again with our partners from Brazil, Ecuador, Canada and the US. Format of the event was very much business oriented, main activity being the participation in working sessions that allowed all of us to share our pipelines of opportunities and to introduce client relationships which we understand have potential for cross selling or joint-pitching. Our Board was present through Jacques and Rui who shared a valuable update on MAWW. Finally, we invited two prospective members: Misti Capital from Peru and Ameris Capital from Chile. We’ve been collaborating with both firms on various projects during the past months and have already invited them to join MAWW. They are strong players in each of their geographies, have similar business models to MAWW’s members in the region and we strongly believe could be a great addition to our group. This small group, business-focused event was really constructive for all of us, both in terms of relationship building but also to better understanding how to work together successfully.

Doug Robbins – Robbinex – Canada

I came to the meeting with no thoughts or expectations on what the benefits of attending might be.
….Looking back, it was the most productive meeting I have been to in many years.

I learned a great deal, met some new associates, developed new insights on changing my marketing and revenue generating activities.
….No doubt that Robbinex will be a different, more profitable business in 12 months, than it is now.

I thank everyone for being so open and sharing and I look forward to the next meeting and doing some cross-border transactions in the years ahead.

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