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Established in 2004.

46 offices in 38 countries.


Worldclass transaction advisory service. Extensive network of financial players. Experienced negotiators High Standard Valuation technics.

Our dealmakers are highly passionate about their job and fully dedicated to accomplishing their client goals leveraging experience and sound competences.  Thanks to their financial expertise and to their advisory experience in particular with shareholders and management teams of SMEs and mid-cap companies, our dealmakers assist you effectively and lead you to the successful realization of your corporate operations.

Located in ten different towns in France.

Sector Expertise

  • Advert. PR M KT
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Beverages
  • Building & Construction
  • Business Services
  • Clean Technology
  • Education and Training
  • Energy & renewables
  • Engineering
  • Financial Services
  • Food
  • Healthcare
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Information Technology
  • Insurance
  • Leisure
  • Life Sciences
  • Luxury Goods
  • Media Printing and Publishing
  • Retail and franchising
  • Recycling
  • Security
  • Steel, Metal, and Woodworking
  • Telecom
  • Textile & clothing
  • Trade
  • Transport & logistics
  • Wholesale

Our Paris office latest transactions

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  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Business Services
  • Energy, Environment & Cleantech
  • Logistics & Transportation

Acting local, but we're thinking global.

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  • Business Services

Acting local, but we're thinking global.

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  • Energy, Environment & Cleantech
  • Logistics & Transportation

Acting local, but we're thinking global.

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  • Advanced Manufacturing

Acting local, but we're thinking global.

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  • Energy, Environment & Cleantech

Acting local, but we're thinking global.

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Acting local, but we're thinking global.

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Our Paris office latest transactions

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  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Business Services
  • Energy, Environment & Cleantech
  • Logistics & Transportation

Acting local, but we're thinking global.

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Our team

Partner - Paris

Philippe Delecourt

30 years’ experience in small and mid-corporate national and international M&A deals.

High experience in family businesses.

Author on books of corporate finance. Founder of MAWW Paris in 2000.

Industry Expertise:

Automotive, food, education & training, industry, insurance, business services.


Chairman - Bordeaux

Isabelle Arnaud-Despreaux

26 years experience in M&A advisory (5 years in leading M&A bank institution, 5 years at EY corporate Finance) + 2 years in strategy consultancy.

Managed more than 100 transactions ranging from large caps (ex France Telecom, Disney, etc) to small caps.

Leader of the Transports & Logistics Industry Group.

Industry experience:

Advertising, PR & marketing; Aerospace & defense; Agriculture; Beverages; Education and training; Information technology; Leisure; Life sciences; Luxury goods; Recycling; Steel, metal, and woodworking; Telecom; Trade; Wholesale.

Partner - Paris

Bernard Lechat

Graduated from IEP Paris and a DEA Business Law from PANTHEON SORBONNE.
Bernard LECHAT began his professional career in 1982 at HEWLETT PACKARD where he held positions of administrative and financial responsibility, then Sales and Marketing.

Industry experience:

Aerospace & defense; Government; Information technology; Telecom.


Partner - Paris

Benjamin Le Guillou

Started his career in the financial markets as a buy-side analyst at MONETA Asset Management, then joined the broker NATEXIS Bleichroeder as a sell-side analyst. He joined EUROLAND Finance, a specialist in IPOs and market operations in the small caps universe, as Financial Analyst and Head of the Research Office.

Industry expertise:

Healthcare; Information technology; Life sciences.


Director - Strasbourg

Bertrand Dufay

HSBC Global Banking and Markets: Corporate Coverage for Large Caps (CAC 40 or private groups) with a focus on Automotive (Renault / Michelin) and Healthcare (Sanofi / Servier).BNP Paribas Germany (Corporate & Investment Banking): Corporate Coverage on Mid Caps (Mittelstand)/Emerging Markets.

Industry experience:

Automotive; Healthcare.

Partner - Strasbourg

Bertrand Knipper

Bertrand KNIPPER, a graduate of the Institut Technique de Banque, has 20 years of banking experience in corporate finance, large accounts, and SMEs, as well as in equity investments in SMEs. 

Industry expertise:


Executive Board Member - Paris

Didier Busquet

Didier leverages 29 years of experience and over 90 missions completed. Retail, services, and impact investing specialist.

Industry experience:

Business services; Education and training; Food; Retail and franchising.

Managing Partner - Mulhouse

Dominique Gozlan

13 years of operational experience in then assisting SMEs / SMIs; 10 years in private equity; Director of Investments at Fortis Private Equity France.

Partner - Rennes

Eric Le Flanchec

25 years’ experience in leading banking institutions in Western France, particularly in the financing of SMEs and large companies, both up and down the balance sheet, Private Banking, and M&A Consulting.
Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor since 2014.

Industry expertise:

Building & construction; Healthcare; Information technology; Leisure; Media, printing, and publishing; Plastics; Transport & logistics; Wholesale.

Managing Partner - Lille

Florent Charlet

5 years Director of Key Accounts and Corporate Finance (NATEXIS Nantes, ING Paris, CIC Lyon). M&A adviser since 2000. Florent Charlet is a TRANSPORT / LOGISTICS consultant for M&A WORLDWIDE.

Senior Associate - Paris

Florent Coudray

8 years of experience and more than 10 deals operated as an associate. After the first experience as a Private Equity Analyst at BPI France and SODICA Corporate Finance (Crédit Agricole Group) as M&A Analyst, he joined MAWW Paris in 2013 and has taken part in transactions in the business services sector.

Member of the Business Services Industry Group.

Industry experience:

Advertising, PR & Marketing; Education and training; Information technology; Transport & logistics.


Partner - Lyon

Franck-William Fargier

Franck-William Fargier has advised private shareholders, industrial groups, and investment funds in more than 40 transactions. In particular, he has a strong experience in Wholesale and Retail activities, Industry, and business services. Franck-William is a graduate of the ISG and a member of the SFAF – French.

Industry experience:

Building & construction; Business services; Chemicals; Food; Healthcare; Information technology; Media, printing, and publishing; Plastics; Retail and franchising; Steel, metal, and woodworking; Textile & clothing; Trade; Wholesale.

Partner - Paris

Giuseppe Sangiovanni

Experience in M&A for more than eight years.

Involved in mid-corporate national and international deals. Extensive industry expertise in Energy & Renewables, Recycling, and Cleantech
Expertise in consulting and valuation
President of the Energy, Environment & Cleantech (EEC) Industry Group at M&A Worldwide.

Industry expertise:

Clean technology; Energy & renewables; Recycling.


Partner - Paris

Jérôme Luis

More than 20 years of experience both in Private Equity and in M&A.

Involved in more than 50 national and international deals.
Specific industry expertise IT and Internet (software, IT services, digital marketing, Internet platforms…).
Member of the  Internet, Software & Technology Industry Group.

Industry experience:

Information technology; Security; Telecom.


Partner - Paris

Laurent Derbois

Graduated from Audencia Business School with a master’s degree, Laurent has over 30 years of experience in financial advisory for small to medium-sized companies, with various positions in major European banks like SocGen (London), Barclays and HSBC France (Paris). Appointed Senior Banker with HSBC MidCap.

Industry experience:

Building & construction; Energy & renewables; Healthcare; Hotels & restaurants; Retail and franchising; Transport & logistics.

Partner - Paris

Michèle Fine

25 years of experience in Private Equity, Private Banking, and Mergers & Acquisitions, and a specialization in Business Valuation and Investment Fund Investments. Michèle started in Paris as a financial analyst at SEGESPAR Securities (Crédit Agricole Group) then joined SIPAREX Private Equity, then HSBC.

Industry expertise:

Advertising, PR & marketing; Aerospace & defense; Clean technology; Education and training; Energy & renewables; Food; Leisure; Luxury goods; Media, printing, and publishing; Recycling; Steel, metal, and woodworking; Textile & clothing; Transport & logistics.

Partner - Paris

Nicolas du Rivau

15 years of professional experience, specializing in the Media & New Technologies sectors, and more than 50 completed deals.

Nicolas started his career in 2004 at NATEXIS Bleichroeder as a sell-side analyst in the hospitality and tourism sectors.

Industry expertise:

Hotels & restaurants; Information technology; Media, printing, and publishing.


Partner - Paris

Philippe Laurent

34 years of experience and more than 100 missions completed.

Specialties: IT and digital services, software, B2B services, industry.

After an experience in an international IT consulting group with a specialization in accounting and management control, he joined the M&A division of an international investment bank.

Member of the Business Services Industry Group.

Industry experience:

Automotive; Education and training; Financial services; Insurance; Leisure.

Partner - Strasbourg

Pascal Kim

Currently advising small and midcap companies looking for global performance improvement, strategy definition, new business opportunities, resources alignment within MAWW Paris one of the leading French M&A consultancy networks.

Industry expertise:

Business services; Financial services.


Managing Partner - Rennes

Patrick Sacher

Graduate: Technical Institute of Bank Banking Agencies Department; Financial Engineering Department; Banking Establishment; Direction and Management Regional Venture Capital Company Takeover of Cabinet Jacques BAUX in 2008.



Partner - Marseille

Philippe Amidieu

Graduated at an Aix-Marseille University in International Business and Finance and an MSc in Financial Engineering from Kedge Business School. During his studies he was brought to work with the teams of Sinopia Asset Management (HSBC), of Allianz AG in Munich, then in merger-acquisition for 8 years within different teams dedicated to SMEs, notably in London than Paris. Accompanied numerous external growth operations in the United Kingdom on behalf of large groups before specializing in valuation for SMEs in regulatory, litigation, or transactional contexts. 

Managing Partner - Caen

Philippe Brotons

After 14 years as a chartered consultant and business consulting, became specialized in 1990 in business transfer and business transfer advice for SMEs of 20 to 200 people.

Associate - Marseille

Pierre-Jean Konareff

 More than 6 years in M&A.


Managing Partner - Marseille

Pierre Roux

Pierre Roux is an Agricultural Engineer (INA Paris-Grignon) and Doctor in Industrial Economics (Ecole des Mines de Paris). Has worked for nearly 15 years in the Consulting departments at the top of the banks in France.

Industry experience:

Energy & renewables.

Associate - Strasbourg

Pierre Schott

Graduate of the School of Management Sciences of the University of Quebec in Montreal (ESG)
Pierre joined in 2007 KNIPPER & PARTNERS, a member of the MAWW Paris, where he assists Bertrand KNIPPER in the execution of his various mandates.

Industry expertise:

Hotels & restaurants; Telecom.



Managing Partner - Paris

Michel Le Blay

35 years of experience in the SME / SMI sector, including 15 in French and American banks. Creation of Le Blay et Associés in 1992.

IT consultant for M&A WORLDWIDE.


Partner - Lille

Nicolas Bonnel

  • Graduated Audit & Finance, ESC Tours.
  • A long-standing member of the executive boards of the Beer Industry Global leader AB INBEV over 17 years in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain as Finance Director & President of AUXINDAL SA Bank in France.  
  • Executive Partner of MBA Capital (M&A advisory) in France for 8 years.
  • Member of the Food & Beverage industry group in M&A Worldwide for 8 years
  • French, English fluent, mother language French.
  • Prior to joining MBA Capital (Board Member of M&A Worldwide), Nicolas successfully carried out national and international M&A transactions through long-standing management positions in international Brewing Industry with global brands as Stella Artois, Budweiser, Leffe, Beck’s, Jupiler, Labatt, Corona …

20 years experience in M&A, with 40 deals performed with AB INBEV and 20 with MBA Capital with a Food & Beverage focus.


Partner - Nantes

Stéphane Michel

Rich and diversified journey: – within investment structures: Private Equity investor, in regional Reference Venture Capital Companies: Investments of 200 K € to 8 M € in the capital of PME PMI of the “Grand-Ouest” region (Brittany, Country Loire, Normandy, Loire valley center, Poitou Charente, Limousin) – in regional banks, in the West and then in the Center region, as director of financial and social engineering. Now in the field of advice and assist managers, in particular in their disposal projects, external growth, fundraising, mobility- (re) organization of capital (entry or exit of shareholders), equity transactions.

Partner - Caen

Valérie Legentil

Responsible for MAWW Paris in Caen.

More than 16 years of the M&A business.

Industry experience:

Automotive; Energy & renewables; Information technology; Telecom.


Managing Partner - Paris

Vincent Juguet

A 25-year career in finance in large banking establishments, where notably developed merger-acquisition activities for SMEs.


Junior Associate - Bordeaux

Alexis Fenetre

MBA in Corporate Finance. Business school in France, internships in France and in the US.
Working experience at MAWW Paris, in M&A and valuation > 6 years. National and international.
Deals in various sectors.
Helped the secretary and treasurer of M&A Worldwide from 2013 to 2019.

Industry expertise:

Business services; Chemicals; Education and training; Food; Healthcare; Transport & logistics.


Partner - Paris

Sidney Serval

Nearly 20 years of experience in Financial Engineering, Private Equity, and Mergers & Acquisitions;

He started at PWC and Siparex, then joined M&A Worldwide Paris as a partner from the very beginning by Philippe Delecourt in 2000.

Led more than 60 missions of all kinds (acquisition, company sale, fundraising, LBO, valuation).

Member of the Business Services Industry Group.

Industry experience:

Financial services; Food; Information technology; Insurance; Security; Transport & logistics.

Office Manager  - Paris

Marie Belbeoch

Office Manager 

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