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Financial Services


The digital transformation has invaded the financial services ecosystem. Technology is affecting the finance industry in a multitude of ways.

The use of technology and its implications are not limited to financial institutions. Regulators are rapidly adopting a wide range of data gathering and analytical tools too. Using sophisticated analytical tools on large volumes of data, regulators can compare scenarios and address potential issues before they become full-scale market problems. These elements, combined with the more traditional pillars of the financial markets, bring new challenges to the M&A industry.



Our market view

Despite regulation and other potential barriers for entry, we see tremendous demand for FinTech-related services in areas such as consumer banking and wealth management. This will open new opportunities for both incumbents and disruptors.

The sharing economy may have started with cars, taxis, and hotel rooms, but financial services will follow soon enough. The technology will be applied here to create connections between providers and users of capital. Our experts have the most relevant expertise in presenting the best range of options to our clients whilst considering the need to grow by taking more skills into the business.

Market Outlook

Automated wealth managers technology are emerging
M&A players more active in Big Data
Public cloud is becoming the relevant model
Regulators are paying more attention to technology

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Fabio Matsui

Founding Partner

Fabio Matsui

Working in financial advisory for 15 years. Previously worked as Business Consultant at Accenture and held Executive Positions at Credicard, Sent Telecom, Siemens, NEC, and Kodak. BSc. in Electrical Engineering from the Escola de Engenharia Mauá, a postgraduate degree in Business Management from FGV-SP (CEAG), MBA degree from the University of California at Berkeley and Board Member program by IBGC.

Industry experience:

Advertising, PR & marketing; Aerospace & defense; Building & construction; Business services; Education and training; Electronics; Engineering; Information technology; Insurance; Media, printing, and publishing; Real estate & facility management; Retail and franchising; Security; Telecom; Textile & clothing.
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