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In 2016 reporting members of M&A Worldwide completed

641 deals (214 sellside, 79 buyside, 97 financing and 251 other)

with a value of €3.4 Billion ($3.7 B).

Acquisitions are complex and demanding processes. Their successful accomplishment depends on well-established strategies, on making tactical moves, taking smart financial decisions and making a careful screening and selection of the appropriate target companies. In some of the cases when interest for an acquisition is shown, there might also be opposition to the takeover. For enabling a clear, transparent shift of control within the target company, our specialized partners engage in a thorough evaluation of all the specific facts and circumstances. This approach allows them to offer reliable advice to their clients and ensures successful negotiations. M&A WORLDWIDE members have proven expertise in dealing with various acquisition situations in a wide range of sectors. They will guide you on how to address and resolve all issues quickly and effectively and will help you avoid possible pitfalls. They know how to develop reliable solutions for a successful takeover. They can prepare you for proper post-takeover integration of specific operations and management control. Our members will become a valuable asset for you during and after the acquisition process. They know how to make success happen instead of waiting for the right opportunity to present itself to you. They are renowned advisers of top acquirers that work in the long-term for clearly defining  intentions and expectations and committing to the best acquisition practices.
Sales and divestitures of leading companies come with a wide range of possible issues that need resolution to avoid further pitfalls. To achieve this, M&A WORLDWIDE members focus on developing customized strategies to ensure success. They identify several bidders to achieve negotiating power and choice. They focus on key factors such as the price, the company culture and the current management strategy. They pay attention to keeping the managers informed and motivated and on proper alignment of the manager’s interests with the company's. Also, they offer  valuable options in terms of integration with a purchaser’s management structure. When differences of opinion and management strategies occur or bonus / option schemes become an issue, the interests of the investor and those of the current company owner might not always be the same. An attempt to limit the search or control the sales and divestitures process usually occurs in this case. There are also situations in which the management itself proves to be an alternative bidder to external buyers. In such complex situations, M&A WORLDWIDE members know what to do as top leading advisers. They have handled complex sales processes for mid-sized companies and large groups that were interested in divesting subsidiaries. Through the network, they have extended access and fast capacity to identify prospective buyers from around the globe. Their objective is that of ensuring the best deal possible for their Clients, in professional and timely manner. In all their projects and for all their clients, our Partners become invaluable assets.
Private equity provides capital for growing companies across all business sectors in the global market. Together with venture capital, PE provides long-term financial capital for the restructuring or the steady growth of a well performing or struggling businesses. Private equity companies usually rely on their financial strength as well as their industrial background and marketing expertise to develop the right strategic moves for the companies they choose to invest in. Private equity is a financial type of investment usually considered by institutional or other investors. They have the possibility to dedicate substantial capital for extended periods. Long holding periods are usually required in the case of such investments in turnaround situations for distressed companies or with the purpose of enabling liquidity events. M&A WORLDWIDE members have a track-record of locateing attractive acquisition objects for private equity companies as well as proposing solutions for their portfolio companies. They also have proven track record and experience in assisting owners of  leading companies that have been sold to private equity investors. You can also rely on our Partners’ invaluable expertise and benefit from their ability to deliver outstanding results with every new project they handle.
Management Buy-In is a solution adopted by a manager or a management team from outside the company who wishes to buy a stake in an existing business. This solution is usually considered when the business is under-performing due to weak management or due to lack of suitable expertise. It can also be a suitable solution when better management skills are required in the future as the company continues to develop. M&A WORLDWIDE members are experienced advisers in Management Buy-Out and Management Buy-In and have contributed to numerous such structures. They have offered their professional support to various management teams for the proper structuring of their business cases. They have also guided them through the negotiation stages with the current owners. Also, they have managed to find proper co-investors, when appropiate.
A Management Buy-Out (MBO) is a specific form of acquisition done by existing company managers who wish to acquire the company (or a subsidiary, division or product line). These processes are usually conducted by management teams with the purpose of gaining financial rewards for the future development of the company in a more direct way than by being employees. It is also an attractive process for sellers because it gives them the certainty that the company will benefit from a dedicated management team in the future. Such acquisition solutions are usually considered when a specific division, product line or subsidiary of the company is no longer perceived as core business by current owners. It can also be determined by a disagreement between the management and the owners in terms of future corporate strategies. Finally, it can also be considered a solution in the case of a failed selling process in which the only buyer was the current management. M&A WORLDWIDE members are experienced advisers in Management Buy-Out and Management Buy-In and have contributed to numerous such structures. They have offered their professional support to various management teams for the proper structuring of their business cases. They have also guided them through the negotiation stages with the current owners. Also, they have managed to find proper co-investors, when appropriate.
From a legal perspective, a merger represents a specific consolidation of two distinctive but relatively equal entities into one. From a commercial and economic perspective, mergers usually result in the creation of assets or liabilities under a single entity. A merger transaction can give each party’s shareholders partial ownership and control over the combined enterprise. Therefore, mergers are generally perceived as financial alliances between equal parts. In most cases, principals from both sides agree that it is in the best interest of both their companies to join in a successful merger. For ensuring successful results with a merger, M&A WORLDWIDE members cover all the aspects involved in the process. They cover the financial, legal, strategic and cultural elements involved in the transaction. They act as professional advisers in global mergers and make sure that every aspect of the transaction is carefully covered. M&A WORLDWIDE members advocate for win-win solutions and have been the leading advisors in numerous merger transactions in the small and medium-cap landscape.

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