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M&A Worldwide is a leading mid-market M&A advisory practice, bringing professional M&A services to clients across the world. For more than 20 years our mission has been to bring together companies, entrepreneurs, private equity firms, and business professionals. Our clients developed a solid trust in our capacity to implement acquisition or disposal strategies, raise debt or equity capital, and support them to the next level.

Our DNA is composed of Independence, Loyalty, Professionalism, and Experience. More than 480 M&A professionals daily contribute to our client’s successes in 46 offices on all continents, including the key locations.
Our clients can count on M&A Worldwide to manage their processes with the highest standards of privacy and confidence.

M&A worldwide increased their total number of deals in 2022 by 510 (less than 10% when the global market decreased by 14,4%), and 2860 deals closed over the last 5 years.

It was remarkable that M&A Worldwide achieved their highest average deal value ever to +36% to 13B€ and a total of 34,3 B€ in deals closed over the last 5 years.

We are very pleased to show that the average deal size increased by an incredible 52% to 26M€ (5 times more than in 2020)

In total, the deal value showed a staggering increase to 94M€ per deal maker (more than 291% than in 2020)

We also have an incredible increase to 214 cases of cooperation between partners: +73% in 2 years.

This performance places M&A Worldwide as one of the global best performing mid-market M&A advisory firms. Based on the latest estimates, the 2023 total deal amount and deal numbers are expected to be significantly higher.

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Industry Experts

Across the globe, the business environment is seeing a higher level of complexity and integration. From biotech to new renewable sources of energy, from food production to telecoms, from healthcare to financial markets, the rate of evolution is increasing and is creating both risks and also new opportunities to grow.

Each market has its own key dynamics, leading players, and core value drivers. M&A Worldwide understands that its mission is to help clients to take the best advantage of the opportunities in their industry.
As such, M&A Worldwide is focused on supporting clients through its 12 key industry groups, combining expertise and contacts from across the globe.

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