Volkswagen Pon Financial Services, Huiskes-Kokkeler Autogroep and DAGO Autogroep reached an agreement


Volkswagen Pon Financial Services,  Huiskes-Kokkeler Autogroep  and  DAGO Autogroep  have reached an agreement to join forces in the Achterhoek and Twente.

In this merger, Huiskes-Kokkeler Autogroep will take over the dealership of DAGO Autogroep and Volkswagen Pon Financial Services will take over the leasing company  RegioLease. Subject to approval by ACM, the transactions are expected to close in early January 2022.

The retail landscape of dealer companies is undergoing consolidation and the acquisition of DAGO Autogroep by Huiskes-Kokkeler Autogroep fits in with this trend. Market parties are also seeking cooperation in the leasing sector, which is in line with the growth strategy of Volkswagen Pon Financial Services, which has already acquired several lease portfolios in recent years, including Huiskes-Kokkeler Autolease.

Aeternus, our Partner in the Netherlands, advised the shareholder of DAGO Autogroep in this process.

We wish DAGO Autogroep, Huiskes-Kokkeler and Volkswagen Pon Financial Services every success in further expanding this leading partnership.

About DAGO Autogroep:

In recent years, Autobedrijf DAGO has grown into a total mobility provider with an enthusiastic and professional team of more than 180 employees. DAGO Autogroep has been a household name in East Gelderland for years. Started small and over the years it has grown into a large car group with branches in Aalten, Doetinchem and Ulft. Dago Autogroep is an authorized dealer of Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. They also have their own (brand-independent) lease company RegioLease and customers can contact RegioAutoverhuur for temporary mobility solutions. In addition, they have a dealer platform CarFY, where online dealer used cars can be bought and they have a tank and washing center in Aalten.

About Regiolease:

RegioLease is part of DAGO Autogroep. As a regional and universal leasing company in Achterhoek, they have been proving for more than 25 years that they actually add emotion to car leasing. They call it ‘Car passion without detours’. According to DAGO, leasing does not have to be complicated, expensive and time-consuming. RegioLease ensures that every mobility issue is solved quickly and effectively. These conditions are bundled with those of Huiskes-Kokkeler Autolease in order to serve customers even better.

About Huiskes-Kokkeler Autogroep.

With five dealer locations, Huiskes-Kokkeler Autogroep is the largest provider of mobility in the Twente region. Huiskes-Kokkeler Autogroep stands for a customer-oriented approach by working innovatively, purposefully and with passion. This is what makes them unique and authentic in the field of mobility and lease. With the acquisition of DAGO Autogroep, the company can continue to grow and continue to offer mobility at a distinctive service level. The combined lease company of Huiskes-Kokkeler Autolease and Regio Lease is an integral part of the total mobility offer, in collaboration with Volkswagen Pon Financial Services.

About Volkswagen Pon Financial Services:

Volkswagen Pon Financial Services is the second-largest leasing company in the Netherlands. It offers both business and private customers tailor-made financial, insurance, lease and mobility products. These products are closely linked, so that total freedom in mobility can be offered. Volkswagen Pon Financial Services has an intensive collaboration with the dealer network of shareholder Pon. In addition, it also has a universal branch for the other brands.

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