New Board Composition 2023-25


We´re pleased to announce that Jens Moller was designated Chairman of M&A Worldwide.

As of now, the Board is composed as follows:

  1. Chairman – Jens Moller (Denmark – Cigno)
  2. Vice-Chairman – Jacques Jetten (Netherlands – Aeternus)
  3. Secretary – Jordi Blasco (Spain – ARS Corporate)
  4. Treasurer – Nicolas Bonnel (France – MBA Capital)
  5. Board Member – Didier Busquet (France – Linkers)
  6. Board Member – Nitin Arora (India – ASA)
  7. Board Member – Peter Feher (Hungary – Intermerger)

Jens Moller referred that “It is an honour to be designated as the Chairman of M&A Worldwide, and I will give the best of me to make this endeavour evermore successful, as we are very serious about reinforcing our position as a leading reference in the global M&A mid-market advisory. “

The challenges for the following two years will be focused on increasing our international representation in strategic geographies and finding new ways to improve cooperation and sharing knowledge among partners.

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