Message from the Executive Director

In an era where the world is slowly trying to get back to normal following the 2 year Covid pandemic, where M&A Business thrived even during those unsettled times. A new global threat has thrown the financial world into disarray.

The one bright spot that we can see is the overwhelming support of Europe in its’ humanitarian reaction to this tragedy. We watch in awe as normal citizens reach out to help the millions fleeing the conflict.

There is a hope that with continued international cooperation that stability in world markets will happen and that ultimately it could lead to sustainable market growth while at the same time we see the unfolding of the humanitarian crisis and response from the rest of the world.

Since this situation began on Feb. 24, just $110 million of initial public offerings have been priced on European exchanges, compared to some $2.8 billion during this period last year, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. In the same weeks in North America, IPOs have dwindled from $24 billion a year ago to $1.7 billion.

Private equities still have large reserves and who want to see returns on their capital for now should help buoy the market. The bottom line is that we can’t predict what the future will hold as long as the fighting intensifies but the long term effects on mid-market M&A for now do not seem to be long lasting.

We here at MAWW are incredibly humbled by the humanitarian support given by our member countries Poland and Hungary in particular, for their amazing support and humanitarian efforts in helping the people from Ukraine. We are immensely proud and salute their efforts at this difficult time.

So, THANK YOU to those providing support to these people.

Executive Director

Rui Delgado



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