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Expands capabilities of the firm’s pure-play RPA/automation business, ISG Automation; Neuralify digital enablement platform allows clients to quickly scale RPA adoption; Designed for remote learning, important in a current work-from-home environment.

The acquisition of Neuralify expands the capabilities of ISG’s pure-play automation business, ISG Automation, which offers a range of intelligent automation consulting, implementation, and software services. Neuralify’s client base includes major blue-chip companies, 40 of which are not currently served by ISG Automation.

“The addition of Neuralify gives ISG Automation important new subscription-based platform capabilities that enable clients to quickly build and scale their bot workforces and reap tremendous cost, quality, and customer experience benefits,” said Michael P. Connors, chairman, and CEO of ISG. “With little overlap in our respective client bases, we see a tremendous opportunity to serve an expanded set of blue-chip clients in the fast-moving RPA/automation environment.”

Neuralify, founded in 2016 and based in Concord, Mass., offers an industry-unique and scalable digital enablement platform to facilitate faster RPA adoption across the enterprise. The Neuralify solution, the industry’s only independent, applied learning platform designed for continuous remote learning, significantly expands the client training capabilities of ISG Automation—crucial for rapid client adoption and scaling of RPA technology, especially in the current work-from-home environment.

Neuralify’s digital enablement platform, including the automated Neuralify Code Quality Analyzer, compresses the learning curve to help clients achieve real competencies while increasing developer productivity. Clients, on average, achieve a 270 percent increase in output, as measured by the quality and pace of automation development, and a 43 percent reduction in build costs, with higher quality and less rework.

“One of the greatest impediments to automation success is an organization’s inability to scale its automation program beyond the pilot stage,” said Chip Wagner, CEO of ISG Automation. “Fewer than 10 percent of enterprises are at the Bot 3.0 stage, having expanded RPA to multiple functions across the enterprise and using cognitive technology. The Neuralify platform provides an innovative enablement solution to quickly accelerate RPA adoption.”

Neuralify’s cloud-based solution enables continuous, hands-on learning and mentoring, featuring “learn by doing” graded lab and simulation environments, with new content and real-world scenarios updated frequently. A separate subscription product, the Neuralify Code Quality Analyzer, automates the often tedious and error-prone code review process to improve consistency and efficiency, enhance security, and accelerate overall throughput.

The Neuralify enablement offering also includes a Games Arena, a highly gamified, competition environment designed to stimulate awareness, interest and engagement in an organization’s RPA program. The platform’s Virtual Sandbox gives users zero-install access to Neuralify’s RPA environment and enterprise applications.

“Neuralify’s applied learning model teaches technical and non-technical users, what we call ‘citizen developers,’ to build quality bots using real-world scenarios with instant grading and feedback,” said John Mone, CEO, and co-founder of Neuralify, who joins ISG Automation as a partner. “Our solution is proven to accelerate RPA adoption across our clients’ organizations. There is nothing like it on the market today.”

Added Mone, “Neuralify and ISG Automation are a perfect fit. Neuralify adds core training and rapid-scaling capabilities to ISG Automation’s already impressive array of products and services. We are excited to join the ISG Automation team and look forward to collaborating with our mutual and new clients to generate impressive growth.”

ISG Automation partners with the world’s leading automation software providers to bring the benefits of business process automation to clients. These providers include Automation Anywhere (for which ISG is a Preferred Business Partner and 2019 Growth Partner of the Year), Blue Prism (current Gold Partner and previous Best Practice and Implementation Partner), NICE (Strategic Partner), and UiPath.

Neuralify is a gold-level partner of Automation Anywhere. Neuralify’s digital enablement platform is the only third-party solution included in Automation Anywhere’s products and services catalog.

For more about ISG Automation, visit this webpage. Additional information about Neuralify can be found on the company’s website.

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