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Agri, Food & Beverages


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Our market view

The agriculture, food, and beverage industries are structured under complex and more dynamic business models. While the Agri, Food & Beverages industry remains largely fragmented, it has been able to consolidate more and more into large, integrated operations. Irrespective of sector, size, and type of operations, numerous forces are reshaping the global industry, leading to a spate of new business models, consolidation, and thus, M&A activity.

Market Outlook

Consumer desires Sustainability
Agribusiness goes Digital
Disruptive value chains
Innovation spreads out the value

Latest Transactions



Jens Moller

More than 20 years of experience in M&A and transactions. Participated in more than 180 deals in Denmark and cross-border. General experienced in small and mid-cap companies across industries, primarily family-owned businesses.

Group leader of Agri, Food & Beverages Industry Group in M&A Worldwide.

Industry experience:

Aerospace & defense; Building & construction; Business services; Clean technology; Electronics; Energy & renewables; Engineering; Financial services; Healthcare; Information technology; Luxury goods; Plastics; Recycling; Security; Steel, metal, and woodworking; Textile & clothing; Trade; Wholesale.


Heinz H.Fischer

Ph.D. in Economics, University Cologne. MBA University Cologne and Penn state/USA
Leading, MD- and C-level roles in mid-sized companies and multinationals: Sony, Dyson, Arcelik, LG-Electronics, Deutsche Telekom, Loewe, TTI-Group/Techtronic-Industries
Sales; omnichannel-management; brand-management.

Industry expertise:

Agriculture; Beverages; Electronics; Food; Luxury goods; Retail and franchising; Telecom; Textile & clothing; Trade; Wholesale.


Advisor Corporate Finance

Bart Allers

Over 15 year M&A experience, mostly involved in various size international deals in Corporate Development Roles and as M&A Advisor at Arthur Andersen and PWC. Industry expertise in Agro, FMCG, and Automotive.

Industry expertise:

Agriculture; Beverages; Food; Trade; Wholesale.


Associate Director

Brian Barrett

With 13 years of strategic and commercial experience working with SMEs, large corporates, and semi-state bodies, Brian is a leading corporate finance advisor. His expertise is helping companies to achieve their strategic ambitions and prepare for significant value events.

Member of the Agri, Food & Beverages Industry Group.

Industry experience:

Building & construction; Business services; Electronics; Energy & renewables; Financial services;  Hotels & restaurants; Leisure; Media, printing and publishing; Telecom; Transport & logistics.


Senior Manager, Marketing and Client Relations

Dana Rennie

Over 20 years of experience in the financial and M&A sectors.



Daniel Steiner

Partner at MAWW Quito since 2009. Over 15 years of experience in M&A. Involved in over 80 corporate finance projects. Prior experience at Lehman Brothers in Technology M&A group and at Bain & Company as a strategy consultant. MBA and BS and MS in Industrial Engineering from universities in the US.


Member of Agri, Food & Beverages Industry Group, member of the Business Services, and also a member of the Consumer & Retail Industry Group.



Manager - Corporate Finance Division

Hatem M. El-Hady

Manager, Corporate Finance Division, Financial Consulting. Over 17 years of experience in business valuation, mergers and acquisitions, fundraising, corporate and financial restructuring, and feasibility studies.

Industry expertise:

Aerospace & defense; Agriculture; Building & construction; Business services; Chemicals; Clean technology; Education and training; Energy & renewables; Engineering; Financial services; Food; Government; Healthcare; Hotels & restaurants; Information technology; Insurance; Leisure; Plastics; Real estate & facility management; Steel, metal, and woodworking; Telecom; Transport & logistics.


Kristupas Kukarskas

Experience in M&A, capital raising, and project financing for more than 14 years. Involved in SME local and international transactions.

Extensive LBO/MBOs and strategic advisory expertise.

Industry expertise in Agro, ICT, Business Services, Consumer Finance.

Industry expertise:

Agriculture; Building & construction; Business services; Financial services; Food; Leisure; Real estate & facility management; Steel, metal, and woodworking; Telecom; Trade; Wholesale.


Luiz Guilherme

Working in financial advisory for 9 years. Previously worked in M&A at Imeri Capital. BSc. in Business Administration and Accounting Sciences from IBMEC.

Industry Experience:

Advertising, PR & marketing; Agriculture; Automotive; Beverages; Chemicals; Electronics; Food; Healthcare; Information technology; Plastics; Retail and franchising; Telecom.


Manel Pelegrina

Working experience at ARS Corporate and Mazars Auditors. Experience in M&A, Corporate Finance, and Valuation > 6 years. National and international and Audit 2 years.
Industry Expertise in Industrial, Food, Services, and TIC.
Joined MAWW Barcelona in 2013.

Industrial expertise:

Beverages; Business services; Education and training; Electronics; Financial services; Food; Healthcare; Information technology; Leisure; Media, printing, and publishing; Steel, metal and woodworking; Textile & clothing.


Markus Hämäläinen

 Over 20 years of international M&A experience from global engineering companies and corporate finance. Main sectors industrial engineering, B2B services, automation, offshore, and construction. Experience in integration, strategic planning, business development, and corporate law.

Industry expertise:

Building & construction; Business services; Engineering; Financial services; Steel, metal, and woodworking.


Neil Mitchell

Chartered Accountant. Joined MAWW Manchester in 2004 after 4yrs at PWC and previously GlaxoSmithKline. Advised on deals from £10m to £150m. Significant experience in buy-side, sell-side, private equity, and IPO mandates across many sectors.

Participant in the Healthcare industry group. Now is a member of Agri, Food & Beverages Industry Group. 

Industry expertise:

Aerospace & defence; Beverages; Building & construction; Engineering; Financial services; Food; Healthcare; Life sciences; Textile & clothing; Transport & logistics.

Partner - Lille

Nicolas Bonnel

  • Graduated Audit & Finance, ESC Tours.
  • A long-standing member of the executive boards of the Beer Industry Global leader AB INBEV over 17 years in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain as Finance Director & President of AUXINDAL SA Bank in France.  
  • Executive Partner of MBA Capital (M&A advisory) in France for 8 years.
  • Member of the Food & Beverage industry group in M&A Worldwide for 8 years
  • French, English fluent, mother language French.
  • Prior to joining MBA Capital (Board Member of M&A Worldwide), Nicolas successfully carried out national and international M&A transactions through long-standing management positions in international Brewing Industry with global brands as Stella Artois, Budweiser, Leffe, Beck’s, Jupiler, Labatt, Corona …

20 years experience in M&A, with 40 deals performed with AB INBEV and 20 with MBA Capital with a Food & Beverage focus.


Partner - Paris

Philippe Delecourt

30 years’ experience in small and mid-corporate national and international M&A deals.

High experience in family businesses.

Author on books of corporate finance. Founder of MAWW Paris in 2000.

Industry Expertise:

Automotive, food, education & training, industry, insurance, business services.


Associate Partner

Piotr Dalak

Over 10 years of experience in transaction advisory services teams at EY and KPMG. Supervised over 70 transactions advisory projects for corporate clients and PE funds. Is a qualified Associate Chartered Accountant in the UK and is a holder of UK Audit Qualifications.

Industry expertise:

Agriculture; Beverages; Energy & renewables; Engineering; Financial services; Food; Information technology; Real estate & facility management.

Senior Advisor

Yoshiyuki Numano

Almost 30 years of experience in M&A advisory services, focusing on Japan-related Cross-Border M&As in numerous sectors in Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. (Asia & Europe), Frontier Management Inc., and currently in MAWW Tokyo.

Industry expertise:

Automotive; Beverages; Chemicals; Education and training; Energy & renewables; Food; Healthcare; Hotels & restaurants; Plastics; Real estate & facility management; Transport & logistics.
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