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Johnsons is a specialist Mergers & Acquisitions firm whose sole focus is the buying and selling of private businesses with enterprise values between AUD $2 million and $30 million. Through the integrity of our processes, people, business practices, and networks we consistently secure substantially more valuable rewards for our clients – whether acquiring or divesting businesses on their behalf.

The outcomes we achieve today come from 5 decades of hard-earned experience gained through completing literally thousands of transactions. Johnsons’ capability revolves around a highly refined and structured process that is effective across a multitude of industries.

Each Director only ever works with a handful of select clients at any one time, bringing an unparalleled level of commitment and focus to every engagement. This single-mindedness ensures you receive the undivided attention of our senior personnel.

When you engage Johnsons Corporate we undertake to invest the necessary time, attention and resources to get the job done. We stand accountable to you.


  • Divestments

The backbone of our divestment service is the Johnsons Corporate Six Stage Sale Process.  Through it our clients receive end-to-end transaction management. From beginning to end, the process is proactively driven by one of our experienced and qualified Directors.

Our methodology identifies multiple trade buyers from across your industry and complementary adjacent industries. This broad yet targeted approach means we uncover a greater number of potential strategic buyers, creating higher levels of competitive tension to your advantage.

Each Stage in the 6 Stage Sale process is fundamental, reinforcing the former, and is built to generate more value and success for you, thereby maximising your returns.

  • Acquisitions

Anyone who has bought a business through “normal channels” knows how inherently difficult it is.  Over many years Johnsons Corporate has developed techniques and transactional skills specific to the acquisition of private businesses. This puts us in a unique position to assist you. We place two aspects back in your hands: choice & control.
Within 6-8 weeks, Johnsons’ disciplined approach can deliver a portfolio of real “off-market” acquisition opportunities – all targeted to your requirements. To ensure a successful outcome we then manage the tricky parts: buyer confidentiality, vendor price expectations, access to necessary information and equally important the maintenance of relationship integrity between the parties.


Our Approach

  • You Won’t Miss Opportunities: because we deal with the owners of privately held businesses day-in and day-out, we thoroughly understand their culture, aspirations and problems.  As a result we speak their language and are in an invaluable position to open doors that others cannot. We reach potential buyers/targets that others don’t even contemplate.
  • Managed Timeframes: our engagements typically run for between 4 to 6 months from beginning to end. You’ll know where you stand within 6-8 weeks of going to market.
  • You’re Always in Control: Complete transparency is at the heart of our approach. You’ll receive timely communications and detailed reports, ensuring you remain informed throughout the whole process.


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