Robbinex is the only M&A Firm in the world with ISO 9001-2015 Certificate

Robbinex, our Partner in Canada is the only M&A Firm in the world to obtain an ISO 9001-2015 Certificate on The Process of Selling a Business.

We spoke with the founder of Robbinex, Doug Robbins, regarding this fantastic achievement. Doug explained that it is by no means a simple process and requires time, dedication, and education to achieve this successfully.

ISO 9001 certification ensures a high level of quality management in organizations. Benefits include enhanced customer satisfaction, improved processes, increased efficiency, better decision-making, greater employee engagement, and a competitive edge in the market. It establishes a framework for continual improvement and demonstrates a commitment to quality and customer focus.

It involves, in effect, re-training the whole company to follow the processes put in place and submit all the information required at each step. This in turn creates an unbreakable chain for the process. Everything is documented and forms part of it, this gives peace of mind to the Seller as well as the Buyer.

Robbinex began their journey of implementing ISO 9001 when they had completed a transaction and the client refused to pay, having gone to court and won their case their lawyer identified holes in their process and recommended looking into using ISO 9001 as a safeguard and a way to ensure that each part of the process could be verified and audited. Through this process, they have gained many more clients as it creates a bond of trust between Robbinex and their clients. Implementing ISO 9001 can pose several challenges. These include the need for significant time and resources, employee resistance to change, complex documentation requirements, ensuring widespread understanding and compliance, managing audits and certifications, and sustaining the commitment to continuous improvement. Effective planning and communication are essential to overcome these challenges successfully to continue.

Although ISO 9001 is a costly and timely proposition, there are way more advantages than disadvantages to beginning this journey and once implemented it is easy to continue on and is beneficial for all involved.

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