A global organisation of M&A advisory services.

Established in 2004.

46 offices in 35 countries.


Worldclass transaction advisory service. Extensive network of financial players. Experienced negotiators High Standard Valuation technics.

Our dealmakers are highly passionate about their job and fully dedicated to accomplishing their client goals leveraging experience and sound competences.  Thanks to their financial expertise and to their advisory experience in particular with shareholders and management teams of SMEs and mid-cap companies, our dealmakers assist you effectively and lead you to the successful realization of your corporate operations.

Located in ten different towns in France.

Our offices in Paris

M&A Worldwide is represented in France by Linkers

Messine Office
19 avenue de Messine – 75008 Paris
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M&A Worldwide is represented in France by MBA Capital

Pyramides Office
10 rue des Pyramides 75001 PARIS
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M&A Worldwide is one of the top leading and fast-growing M&A advisors professionally operating in the world market.

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