MAWW Lisbon Convention Member of the Year

At the 41st M&AWW Convention in Lisbon. Focus Capital Partners our member in Ireland were voted as Member of the Year.
We spoke to Robert Adams to share his thoughts on what the award means to Focus and their plans for furthering their cooperation within the organisation.

Robert said that they had spent the last 12 months consciously improving their cooperation within M&AWW. This for them has been a learning exercise in which they have improved their collaboration in general, but in particular in the Industry Groups. They currently have people from Focus as leaders or co-leaders of 3 Industry groups as well as a presence in most of the other groups.
They have also strived to educate the whole team to be mindful of new mandates and always reach out to fellow members from other geographies for their help. They realised that in the past this had not always been the case but have seen massive benefits from leveraging the network. It has provided them with warm introductions into those markets and has given them a clear change of mindset. Using the network to their advantage has proven to be a key success factor in cross-border deals.

Robert thinks that all members should be using the network more as he has been very impressed with not only the level of professionalism and help from other members he has contacted, but also that this only improves trust between member firms. Reaction to requests in a timely manner is also key to making relationships stronger and adding value to the network as a whole.

They see M&AWW as a group that strives to co-operate with each other which in turn helps all members progress and do more deals together.

M&AWW congratulates Focus on their team spirit and looks forward to many more joint pitches and deals from Focus Capital partners in the future.


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