Hydrogen: 3 Takeaways for M&A


The energy sector is undergoing a profound transformation driven by the growing adoption of hydrogen as a clean and sustainable energy source. This shift significantly impacts M&A as companies seek to acquire or partner with players with the expertise and capabilities needed to navigate this evolving landscape.

Strategic Acquisitions: Gaining Expertise in Hydrogen Technologies

One of the key drivers of hydrogen-related M&A activity is the need for companies to acquire expertise in hydrogen technologies. This includes the development of production methods, such as electrolysis and steam methane reforming, as well as constructing and operating hydrogen infrastructure, such as storage facilities and transportation networks.

Companies with established expertise in these areas are becoming highly sought-after targets for acquisition. For instance, in 2021, Air Liquide acquired CryoGen, a leading producer of hydrogen for industrial applications, to strengthen its position in the hydrogen value chain.

Partnerships and Joint Ventures: Fostering Collaboration

The complexities of developing and deploying hydrogen technologies are also driving companies to form partnerships and joint ventures. These collaborations allow companies to share resources, expertise, and risk, accelerating the development of hydrogen solutions.

A notable example is the partnership between Linde and Plug Power, announced in 2022, to develop and manufacture hydrogen fuel cell systems for commercial vehicles jointly. Such collaborations are expected to become increasingly common as the hydrogen economy matures.

Sector Convergence: Blending Traditional and Renewable Energy Expertise

The hydrogen revolution is also blurring the lines between traditional energy companies and renewable energy players. As hydrogen becomes integrated into the energy mix, companies with expertise in both areas are becoming increasingly valuable in the M&A market.

In 2021, Baker Hughes, an oilfield services provider, acquired ONE HYDROGEN, a developer of hydrogen electrolysers, to expand its portfolio into clean energy solutions. This convergence trend is expected to continue as the energy sector transitions towards a low-carbon future.


  1. Hydrogen’s Transformational Impact on the Energy M&A Landscape
  2. The adoption of hydrogen as a clean energy source is fundamentally altering the dynamics of the energy sector’s M&A landscape. Strategic acquisitions, partnerships, and sector convergence are becoming increasingly prevalent as companies seek to gain a competitive edge in the hydrogen economy.
  3. As hydrogen technologies continue to mature and government support for hydrogen initiatives grows, M&A activity in this sector is expected to intensify, shaping the future of the energy landscape for years to come.

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