Empowering Growth and Facilitating Global Opportunities in New Zealand

Since becoming a standalone firm in 2006, Armillary has built a strong reputation and brand within the NZ capital markets. Our commitment to excellence and a proven track record has seen us work with a wide range of businesses across many sectors.

With New Zealand wide offices in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Wanaka, Armillary is strategically positioned to serve clients throughout New Zealand. Our suite of services spans three key areas: investment banking, advisory, and asset management. In the realm of investment banking, we specialise in business sale, mergers and acquisitions and debt and equity raising, guiding businesses in securing the necessary funding and skillfully navigating complex transactions. Advisory services includes valuations, due diligence, strategic planning, financial training, and corporate governance. Additionally, we facilitate direct investment in alternative asset classes through our asset management division, and manage multiple markets for capital raising, price discovery, and liquidity.

As a proud member of the M&A Worldwide network, Armillary enjoys a distinct advantage. Our affiliation grants us unparalleled access to a wide range of potential buyers, sellers, and merger counterparties globally. Through close collaboration with our M&A Worldwide counterparts, we ensure that our clients receive exceptional support and a global reach.

New Zealand is well known for innovation across a wide range of sectors including health technology, food and beverage technology, clean energy and digital services. Key industries include specialized manufacturing and processing, food and beverage, agriculture, horticulture, fishing, forestry and other primary industry, film making and tourism.

New Zealand is recognised for its favourable business environment. The World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business survey ranked New Zealand first out of 190 countries in 2020, highlighting its conducive regulatory framework. Similarly, the country tied for first place out of 180 nations on the 2021 Corruption Perceptions Index, further emphasising its commitment to transparency and integrity. It has a well-established legal system and educated workforce.

Despite the challenges posed by the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, New Zealand’s economy has demonstrated resilience. With low unemployment rates, the country is experiencing steady growth. Current GDP of to NZ$360 billion is projected to grow at a rate of 2.5%, and strong growth in population from the current 5m. New Zealand’s strong economic performance is further supported by its S&P AA+ foreign-currency and AAA local-currency ratings, reflecting stability and investor confidence. New Zealand has strong relationships throughout the Asia-Pacific region in particular, and is respected for its human rights record and long standing democratic political system. New Zealand has an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of 4 million square kilometres within the Pacific region – the fourth largest in the world.

The country’s business landscape is characterised by a predominantly private economy, with 95% of its enterprises privately held. Small and medium-sized businesses play a vital role, with 97% of them employing fewer than 20 individuals. New Zealand presents significant opportunities for business acquisitions, private equity and venture capital. Armillary is primarily focused on the privately held middle market, having worked with many private families and their businesses for over 10 years across multiple transactions as privately owned businesses grow and evolve.

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