Aeternus guided Litjens in finding the right (investment) partner and the corresponding follow-up process.

Huub Litjens started his company in 2004. After 16 years of entrepreneurship, investment and hard work, these activities have grown into a full-fledged metalworking company with over 36 employees. After years of strong growth, founders Huub and Lilian Litjens realized that help was needed to take the company to the next growth phase. And they found it in the collaboration with YouKnights.

YouKnights is a hands-on investor who focuses on companies with growth, change and / or succession issues. It is the ambition of YouKnights and the new management team (consisting of Toon Hermans and Huub Litjens) to join forces and to continue the growth path already started.

About Litjens:
Litjens is a modern metal company, specialized in all possible sheet metal work in steel, aluminum or stainless steel. She performs various operations for her customers, such as laser cutting, setting and welding. The assembly of lightweight constructions also takes place in-house. In addition, Litjens takes care of complete projects. Advanced machinery, a motivated team and a carefully selected number of partners make Litjens Metaalbewerking a flexible and reliable supplier. Thanks to extensive knowledge of materials and technology and years of experience, Litjens knows how to bind customers. A big step was taken in 2018 with the investment in a Trumpf tube laser with flow drilling and tapping in one operation. Litjens distinguishes itself across the board through speed, customization and personal contact.

Huub: “When I started my own business, I took the plunge with the idea ‘I’ll see where the ship is stranded’. I never expected the company to grow like this. ”

About YouKnights:
YouKnights is one of the companies from the GGD Investments group of companies and was founded on March 1, 2018. YouKnights helps companies that need support with a growth, change and / or succession issue. In a total package of services, a customized solution is offered based on senior interim management and participation. Together with the entrepreneur, YouKnights is working on a robust future for the company. Its extensive network of entrepreneurs and investors makes it possible to switch quickly and to seize opportunities as soon as they arise. Litjens Metaalbewerking is ready for the next step. Huub Litjens is bursting with entrepreneurial ideas and is looking for sparring in this.

Toon Hermans: “Litjens is a very beautiful and dynamic metal company that has undergone enormous growth under the inspiring leadership of Huub Litjens, he is an entrepreneur pur sang!”