Refinitiv information

It is crucial for MAWW’s positioning that the overall results obtained are shared, and that the experience gained can also be disseminated. Updating the data from 2020 allows MAWW to improve its presence in the rankings to benefit our standing in the industry. It is crucial that we do not lose momentum and that we continue to update Orbit – as the report will be released from there.

So, please, be informed of the next SUBMISSION DEADLINES:

  • 04 December 2020 – Historical submission deadline for deals announced between 1st January – 4th December.
  • 30 December 2020 – Deadline for deals announced between 4th-30th December.

Note: It is also crucial that the 2019 deals are all updated in Orbit, as currently only 30% are. We are all making a huge effort to publicize our experience in the market, and the lack of information will prevent the full potential from being exploited.

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