The boards of geotechnical research company Hoogveld from Almelo and engineering firm Geonius have reached agreement on the transfer of 100% of the shares in Hoogveld Holding to the Geonius Group. This means that from Wednesday 1 July last, all activities of the companies Hoogveld Geo, Hoogveld Rail and Hoogveld Advies will be carried out under the responsibility of Geonius. From now on, Hoogveld will continue under the new name Hoogveld Geonius BV

By joining forces of Geonius and Hoogveld, the combined company immediately becomes one of the leading players in the Netherlands in the field of geotechnical field research and advice. The fieldwork capacity of Geonius Geotechniek is more than doubled by the addition of the equipment and employees of Hoogveld. In addition, special rail sounding units and some pontoons offer additional possibilities for research along the track and in the water. Earlier this year, Geonius and Hoogveld became a framework contractor of ProRail as cooperation partners. Decisive for this success was in particular the specialist expertise of Hoogveld, which can now be found within Geonius. >  Read the full press release here.

About Geonius


Geonius is an interdisciplinary engineering services provider with broad expertise within the civil engineering, civil engineering and construction sectors. By combining expertise in the field of roads, geotechnics, environment, geodesy, water, spatial development, landscape, archeology and ecology, the company thinks along with the customer and can carry out projects independently. Boundaries between the various divisions are becoming blurred, so that more and more projects are being carried out integrally. Geonius is an organization with over 240 employees and is located in Geleen (Head office), Utrecht, Breda, Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, Herentals (B) and Merelbeke (B).

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About Hoogveld

Hoogveld is an independent organization with expertise in the field of soil research and advice on foundation technology. Their environmental and geotechnical work focuses on developing building sites and designing foundations for various building structures. Hoogveld Sonderingen was founded in 2000. The organization consists of three operating companies:
– Hoogveld Geo BV
– Hoogveld Rail BV
– Hoogveld Advies BV

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