Dr. Woraphat Phuchareon

One of the highlights of the Bangkok Convention will be a talk on wellbeing in the working environment given by Dr. Woraphat Phuchareon.

About Dr. Woraphat Phuchareon

His work at NASA – He was a Research Engineer, while he was there, he won the Best Turbine Jet Engine Award which is an outstanding achievement.

He is also a Best Selling author of Ariyachon, Amarin, DMG’s which include books on Organization Management / Strategic Planning / Performance Management.

He is also a CEO & Consultant -He Specializes in Strategic Management, Organization & Peoples Sustainable Development (Hard & Soft Sides).

He has over 20 years’ experience and specialises in:

  1. Strategic Organization Management / Development
  2. Innovation Management
  3. Sustainable Organization Development / HRD3.0 / Learning Organization & Knowledge Management

He is also well renowned on TV in Thailand and has been invited by The Ministry of Education to help transform Thai Education.

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