Orbit | Did you know that, starting in the summer of 2018, the MAWW teams internally thought, conceived, planned, and coded Orbit?

Allow us a bit of background. Before Orbit, a system called Mawbrain was used. It wasn´t user-friendly, sophisticated, definitely not designed, nor conceived, for MAWW member’s needs, and very hard to tailor. So eventually, Orbit replaced Mawbrain on May/13, 2019, after 10 months of intense planning, development and migration work. Orbit is intended to be a hub where members gather to interact with the organisation in a much more interactive, better and faster way. It was a whole new system – as said – designed and developed by the MAWW team, considering the specific needs of our members. Orbit is always an ongoing process, as since 2019, hundreds of features have been added. By curiosity, before releasing the system, a small group of members accepted to test it. We should thank Jordi Blasco, Martin Mayer, Allan Kelly, and John Slatter. However, from the beginning, it´s essential to highlight the crucial role of Jacques Jetten in the development process.
The interface was entirely new, and a significant step forward was taken by allowing members to invite other members after uploading a deal. This speeded up the creation of international deal teams.
Since the beginning, Orbit has provided reports and enabled queries. So, it´s an endless opportunity to conduct an in-depth analysis of the information available.
Today, Orbit offers an extensive library with advanced search capabilities. Members can conveniently pay their dues by credit card, and we have a very intuitive Who´s Who feature. We also collect Membership Evaluation data, and all industry Groups have their own dedicated space. These features were designed to enhance your experience and make your interactions with the organisation more efficient and enjoyable.
Orbit also regularly reports the filed deals to LSEG (former Refinitiv) and generates tombstones, which are placed automatically on the website. Pretty soon, it will be possible to query the deals database and collect the necessary tombstones to provide a member pitch deck with international experience and exposure.

These are just some of the features of Orbit, as many others can be found and explored.
Finally, hat. -off to Jose Antonio Correia, MAWW IT manager and responsible for the technical development.


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