Euralco is a leading group of companies for the supply of high-quality CNC machined aluminium semi-finished products. They work project-oriented and are active worldwide in many different industries. The customers are active in a wide variety of markets: from the defence, aviation and medical, to luxury yacht building as well as in the niches of safety and protection equipment.

Over the past year, Euralco has invested in a state-of-the-art 5-axis CNC machine that can produce unmanned and therefore very efficient and cost-effective by using the robot. The robot and machine can process semi-finished products measuring no less than 2.6m by 8.5m. In the case of smaller sheet measurements, the machine continues to the machine in shuttle operation, while the robot uses and removes material in the meantime. Highly efficiently produced custom work in aluminium with close tolerances is the formula for success. If customers are not yet ready to outsource machining operations, the material is delivered as raw rolled or extruded semi-finished products.

For the further expansion of the Euralco Group of Companies, Marc Meijer was looking for reinforcement and future succession. As a result, he sold 50% of his shares to Bobbejaan Splinter, who has joined as co-shareholder and Commercial Director since July 2020. Bobbejaan has over 15 years of experience in the international aluminium industry and is the right person for the further growth of Euralco. Together with Marc Meijer, who fulfils the role of Technical Director, they will be at the helm for the coming years.

Patrick Cox from Aeternus and Hans van de Pas from Match Plan Corporate Finance have guided Marc, Bobbejaan and Euralco in this MBI process.