Debut in Dusseldorf

M&A Worldwide was founded by a small group of entrepreneurs who had the vision of a global M&A organisation. As the markets were getting globalised, the need to go global in search of better opportunities was a must at that time.

In fact, the first Board was composed of Wolfgang Steuernagel (Germany), Paul Van Tilburg (The Netherlands), Francis Arnaud (France), Isabelle Arnaud-Despreaux (France), Rodrigo Keller (Spain), George Coppen (UK), Ward Vandecruys (Belgium) and Ketil Wig (Norway).

Fortunately, two of these founders are still in the organisation; they are not only developing their businesses but also encouraging youngsters with their testimony and legacy.

From the beginning, MAWW was to be based on mid-cap-oriented experts in a friendly, “above money-driven” organisation with a leading motto: be generous to each other.

So, in April 2004, professionals from Germany, the Netherlands, and France and potential members from Norway, Spain, and the UK held a meeting in Dusseldorf, where it was decided to name the network M&A Europe. The following convention was held in London in December 2004. The first years were dominated by getting more fully organised as a network and a marketing force. Volunteer Board members helped to set rules and principles to professionalise further.

Following a fast-growing process, the members eventually decided to name the network M&A Worldwide since several newcomers referred to Europe as “the old lady.”


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