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Robbinex Inc.


Robbinex Inc.

Doug Robbins

Robbinex Process



Robbinex takes a unique approach to selling a business. We call it The Robbinex® Three-Phase Process™. It is based on preparing our clients (e.g. the sellers of a business) to be able to deal on a level playing field with buyers that are typically more experienced and to assist in attracting buyers who will pay fair market value. This process not only prepares clients to deal with prospective buyers but also provides distinct decision points along the way.
Phase One:
COSATA® (COmprehensive Strategic Analysis of Transition Alternatives)
Phase Two:
The 7-Step Marketing Plan
Phase Three:
Negotiating and Closing

The Robbinex Mission

We provide our clients with experience-based knowledge to maximize the value of their companies, to help them make the right exit decision, at the right time and for the right reasons.


Robbinex Inc.


D.M. (Doug) Robbins


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