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MnA Team

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MnA Team



MnA Team is a leader in Israeli Cross Border M&A activities. MnA Team’s main focus and strength is in origination and execution of cross-border acquisitions for Israeli companies. In collaboration with a network of partners throughout the world, MnA Team has established a track record of successful deals for its clients. MnA Team partners and staff bring many years of experience, know-how, analysis of markets and companies.

MnA Team operates professional staff specializing in different sectors – High-tech, Medical, Industrial companies, Real-estate, Energy, Commerce, Services and others. MnA Team is lead by Michael Avnimelech, formerly CEO of Deloitte Consulting in Israel and a senior of Israel Finance Ministry. Michael Avnimelech has been and is a Director in close to 30 publicly traded, governmental and private companies. MnA Team office is located in the business center of Tel Aviv, the beating heart of Israel’s business community.



MnA Team specializes in initiating and conducting

  • Acquisitions and sale of companies.
  • Capital raising and Financing.
  • Mergers and strategic alliances.

MnA Team services are carried in the different stages of the acquisition

  • Design of strategy.
  • Research, Screening and Analysis.
  • Target identification and contacting.
  • Planning the transaction models and financing.
  • Valuation and due diligence.
  • Negotiation and closing.


The market opportunity

MnA Team client base is the Israel business community. Israel is a strong, tech oriented, growing economy, led by dynamic business culture and ambitious business leaders. Cross-border acquisitions and business development is a winning trend and the source of numerous business success cases of Israeli companies in the last decade.


The clients

MnA Team has working relationship and contacts with almost every significant company in Israel. Our clients include the major banks and financial companies, the largest investment/holding groups, the major real-estate investors and building companies, major IT and Communications global leaders, quality metal, plastic and packaging manufacturers, significant pharmaceutical companies, service companies and many more.


Areas of acquisition interests

MnA Team buyers have acquired and are interested in widely divergent industry sectors

  • Information technology, data security and communication
  • Pharmaceuticals and Medical technologies
  • Building industry and building materials
  • Food and ingredients manufacturers
  • Steel, metal manufacturing
  • Engineering services
  • Advanced Agro-business
  • Logistic services
  • Special chemicals
  • Energy
  • Real Estate development, holding and facility management
  • Wholesale, Retail trade and marketing services
  • Electronics and Security technology
  • Finance, banking and insurance
  • Water technology, clean-tech
  • Plastics and packaging
  • Automotive parts
  • Tourism




Michael Avnimelech

Executive Chairman
Tel: +972 523 990 806

David Solomon

Managing Partner
Tel: +972 508 695 450

Offer Peri

Managing Partner
Tel: +972 546 012 012