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International Mergers & Acquisitions


International Mergers & Acquisitions

International Mergers & Acquisition Hungary Ltd.


IM&A Hungary Ltd. was established in 1997 and grew into one of the leading mergers and acqusitions firms in Hungary and the region. Being in a relatively new and small market, the company has been arranging transactions in a number of industries, including finance, information technologies, and the consumer sector. IM&A joined the M&A Europe network in 2007 and has been expanding its cross-boarder activities ever since.

While concentrating on arranging mergers and acquisitions, it has provided clients with comprehensive services in the areas of strategic planning and marketing, significantly increasing client company share prices and promoting their market shares. These services have greatly benefited clients, whether or not they ended up selling their company.

IM&A Hungary has an international staff from Hungary, the United States and the former Yugoslavia, which enables it to pursue transactions in an international environment, having knowledge of legal and financial environment as well as the culture of different countries.

The company offers both buy and sell side services to clients. Its specialized consultants guide clients through the phases of company marketing processes, avoiding any usual pitfalls, and assist them in realistic valuation and presentations to potential buyers. For buyers, IM&A has developed a proprietary search process to find the company the most appropriate for the buyers. IM&A has had mandates for both strategyc and financial investors, which continously seek new opportunities.


  • Sell mandates
  • Buy mandates
  • Company Valuation
  • Investor Selection and Search
  • Takeover target selection and search
  • Industry analysis
  • Value Improvement Services and Preparations for Sale
  • Selling Strategies and Transaction Structuring
  • Database of companies for sale
  • Corporate and project financing
  • Financial services for corporations and projects


  • Peter Feher
  • Peter Redey
  • Adam Redey
  • Zsuzsa Hamori


International Mergers & Acquisition Hungary Ltd.

Peter Feher

Managing Partner, Chief Financial Consultant

Nyugati tér 4
H-1132 Budapest

Tel: +36 361-452 0842
Fax: +36 361-339 6140