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Bridge Kennedy International Srl


Bridge Kennedy International Srl

Roberto Tribuno

Bridge Kennedy International Srl


Since its foundation in 1998, Bridge Kennedy International stands in the most important cities of Europe and benefits of a world wide and well connected network of selected correspondents in the key countries in Europe, North and South America and Asia.

Bridge Kennedy International legal, Accounting and financial expertise spans in several practise areas, focused to ensure the professional handling of cross border business and international transactions.

Bridge Kennedy International represents and advises a broad spectrum of clients, from small companies to large corporations, as well as financial, services and manufacturing entities.
We assist numerous foreign clients in establishment and operation of the activities cross border, forming and structuring their business and activity in Italy and abroad.
Our clients benefit from the talents and the skills of our professionals and from their understanding of the clients’ business and needs.

Our aim is also to provide to the clients and to their managers, all relevant and objective financial and juridical elements, they need for the security of their decision, the management and control of their organisation, and the fulfilment of their commitments to their stockholders and to accomplish all duties and legal obligations.

Independence and integrity are our fundamental commitments. We avoid any conflict of interest in execution of our activity, and we assess the mission entrusted to us exclusively from the point of view of our clients’ best interests.

Our professional teams are made up of lawyers, chart of accountants, auditors, financial and business consultants.

The personal involvement of our partners in every mission entrusted to us is a pledge of our commitment and responsiveness: their active participation in national and international matters allows them to contribute to the development of high quality service to meet clients needs and expectations. Through this involvement, we constantly seek to create a more secure environment for our clients.

Development of international business and world wide globalisation of companies and markets, have progressively required international business leaders to meet specific skill sets, focusing on understanding, assisting and fulfilling their clients’ requirements, needs and obligations.

In response to those needs, Bridge Kennedy International has structured its activities along the following areas and business lines, each with its own structure, expertise and specific approach.

  1. Finance
  2. Taxation
  3. Legal
  4. Audit
  5. Accounting
  6. Labour
  7. Executive Search
  8. Back Office
  9. Domiciliation
  10. Consulting


Bridge Kennedy International Srl

Roberto Tribuno

Managing Partner

Via Giacomo Puccini 3
I-20121 Milano

Tel: +39-02-7273011
Fax: +39-02-72730150