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Avvalor Corporate Solutions Srl


Avvalor Corporate Solutions Srl

Thierry Gandolfo

Fabrizio Ricci

Giovanni Galeazzi

AVVALOR Corporate Solutions Srl


Based in Milan, AVVALOR Corporate Solutions was founded by senior managers with experience in several domains (Finance & Banking, Management Consulting, International Business Development, Real Estate, Human Resources) to assists entrepreneurs in the definition and implementation of development plans at home or abroad. We are hands on consultants, working closely with the entrepreneur to deliver results. An extensive network of domestic and foreign partners allows us to operate with confidence in different industries and countries. A deep knowledge of the Italian business and industrial environment allow us to be a reliable partner when conducting operations in Italy like searching for an acquisition target or planning and executing post-merger integration.


Avvalor delivers a range of solutions to deal with today’s changing business environment:

  • Corporate Finance: mergers & acquisitions, ordinary and extraordinary finance
  • Strategic and organization consulting: company restructuring, business process re-engineering, lean manufacturing, audit for SME
  • International Business Development: identification of foreign partners, setup of operations abroad
  • Real Estate: finding or selling development areas for logistics centers, industrial structures, tourist villages, hotels
  • Human Resources: Executive search, performance assessment, team development and coaching, outplacement

Partners & Team

  • Ing. Giovanni Galeazzi (Industry & International)
  • Dott. Thierry Gandolfo (Strategy & Organization)
  • Dott. Fabrizio Ricci (Corp. Finance. & Banking)
  • Dott. Pierpaolo Savio (Finance)
  • Dott. Paolo Sordon (Finance & M&A)
  • Dott. Nerina Mirotti (Real Estate)
  • Dott. Ermanno Poletti (Finance)
  • Dott. Roberto Previteri (Human Resources)


AVVALOR Corporate Solutions Srl

Via Soperga 10
I-20127 Milano

Tel: +39-02-87 24 25 00
Fax: +39-02-87 24 25 01