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Dr. Rudolf Rentsch

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SauterRentsch is a leading M&A boutique in Prague, Czech Republic. Founded in 2010, we boast a combined 30+ years experience both in Central and Eastern Europe as well as in Western Europe. We provide comprehensive services in connection with M&A projects, serving as a one-stop shop for clients by cooperating with trusted partners in all relevant fields and countries according to specific needs of a given project.



SauterRentsch provides advice and execution services on M&A to clients, assisting them to:

  • Assist preparing a prospective target to become “fit-for-transaction”;
  • Manage negotiations between each of the parties involved in an M&A transaction;
  • Identify target companies, investors or strategic partners and acquirers, respectively;
  • Structure the whole transaction, manage the project and instruct partner firms;
  • Advise and support clients post-closing.

In M&A transactions, confidentiality is of utmost importance along the entire time line of a project. Therefore, we clearly prefer to work on the basis of exclusive mandates. Only this way we can keep control of the information flows. Our remuneration is usually based on milestone payments and a fee for the successful completion of a given transaction.



Dr. Rudolf Rentsch, Partner

Joachim Sauter, Partner


SauterRentsch s.r.o.
Bredovský dvůr
Olivova 4
110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic

t:   +420 224 210 061