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America 2030, LLC was founded in 1984 in Chicago on a principleof transacting in institutional commercial real estate and businessbrokerage. We offer full business brokerage services, investmentpartnerships, joint ventures, capital sourcing, new debt, IPO,leveraged buy outs, M & A, privatization and asset sales. After 30years of successful growth in the USA and over 100 transactions exceeding $1 billion dollars, we brought our expertise to Ukraine, seeing that their market offers tremendous value-add opportunity at valuations substantially below those of developed countries. Seeing that Ukraine is a « frontier » market, the opportunities and rewards present are unique and unparalleled, often with annual IRR in 20%-70% range.

Our superior skills, professionalism, industry knowledge and extensive marketing experience will help our clients achieve desired results.

We structure complex investment partnerships, and syndications by introducing investors to new and existing projects in Ukraine. We offer complex business consulting and restructure services that will optimize a business and position it for sale achieving optimum valuation.

Our research and financial analysts comprise of a team of 8 highly skilled people who understand financial market dynamics and the world M&A arena. Our total staff in Ukraine consists of approximately 20 people.

We have built solid relationships with major banks, high-net worth individuals, PE firms, REITS and private family offices and we can sell your business, or commercial property, locate capital for it, or present lucrative business and partnership investments in Ukraine.

Our finance team works with banks in the purchase and sale of bad debt and locates buyers for non-performing assets.

America 2030 is seeking to form correspondent relationships with various types of financial institutions that are interested in single asset lending relationships with our Ukrainian clients.

We are actively seeking banks, private family offices, income funds, securities underwriters and financial brokers who would like to provide capital/debt to our clients and earn 10% -25% annually plus possibility of equity ownership in the clients business sponsored.

If you would like to discuss offering capital or debt, short or long term and other forms of debenture to our business clients, please contact us at
There are many successful Ukrainian businesses that are in need of capital for further expansion. Deals vary in size from $1m-$100m. Your financial institution can earn 10%-25% annualized for single asset loans guaranteed by assets.


America 2030, LLC

Vladimir Sklyaroff

President and CEO

Tel: +380-73-778-8000 (Ukraine)
Tel: +1-847-861-7300 (US)

Sergiy Gembara

Business Broker / M&A Advisor

Tel: +38(093)065-34-58, +38(095)345-71-75 (Ukraine)

Svyatoslav Ozarkiv

Business Broker / M&A Advisor

Tel: +38(067)3703553 (Ukraine)

Offices in Chicago, New York, Kyiv, Lviv